BG Asset Management, Inc. is proud to offer deposit-free living to qualified renters through Obligo! We understand that moving costs can add up, so we want to extend financial flexibility to our residents.

When you move in with us, you can skip paying a security deposit and keep the cash for activities you care about.

How it Works

Enjoy Financial Flexibility

✅ Use your deposit cash to invest, save or spend
✅ Move in right from your phone. No need to go to the bank.
✅ No waiting for your deposit back via snail mail!

You're Still Accountable

Through the Obligo platform, you authorize your property manager to charge you up to your security deposit amount for any damages or missed rent. You maintain the right to dispute charges with your property manager just like a traditional deposit.

Deposit-Free Living

When it’s time to pay the security deposit you’ll receive a secure link, within the Resident Portal, to Obligo with more details about our service. Obligo charges a small fee for the service.

View the Obligo Brochure