What We Do For You


Save you time

Our company saves you time and hassle with our 24/7 maintenance center and proper handling of your property.


Increase your cashflow

We conduct a financial analysis on your property and work with you on an investment strategy to increase revenue and decrease expenses


Online portal

Full Transparency is key. You will be able to access all your monthly statements, work orders, invoices and reports directly from our online portal.

Robust Leasing & Tenant Screening


Visually Amazing!

All listings are showcased with professional HD photography and a 3D virtual tour like no other.


World Class Marketing

All listings are advertised on over 50 websites to maximize the property’s exposure.


24/7 Lead Response

Our fast and 24/7 communication with prospects is proven to reduce vacancy times.


Online Applications

Our easy-to-use online rental applications cater to today’s tech savvy renter.


Thorough Screening

A thorough tenant screening report on each adult: Credit, Eviction, Criminal, Rent Bureau


Tenant Liability Insurance

We require tenants to carry liability insurance to protect you in case of negligent damages

Maintenance Contact Center


Easy Mobile Reporting

Tenants are able to report maintenance items through their online portals or call our 24/7 maintenance center


Diagnosis and Dispatch

Our maintenance center diagnoses the reported item, dispatch the appropriate vendor, and coordinates access.


Professional Repairs

Repairs are professionally handled in a timely manner to preserve your property and keep your tenant happy.


Owner Access Online

Monthly statements include all work orders, estimates, invoices and photos for your property repairs.

Investment Strategy

All of our clients can take advantage of our Investment Strategy services to help improve their cashflow and make educated decisions for their investment portfolio.


Rent Projection

We provide you with rent projections for up to 8-years. This helps you budget your investment and strategize on future decisions.


Financial Analysis

We break down the performance of your investment property and layout various strategies to improve your cashflow.


Acquisition Analysis

It’s important to understand how financing options affect your investment, whether in a new purchase or refinance.


Entry & Exit Strategy

For those interested in increasing their rental portfolio size, we layout a step-by-step guide to increase your portfolio from one unit to 100+ units