Our job is to provide housing and we want to keep families housed. We understand that families come under difficult times. Here are various sources to contact if you need assistance in paying your rent.


Keep in mind that you still have obligations under the lease agreement so it’s very important to reach out to your property manager immediately to discuss your options.

Rental Assistance Program

Below are various sources for rental assistance programs. You might qualify for one or
multiple programs so we encourage you to apply for as many as you can.

California COVID Rent Relief Program

Properties in SACRAMENTO are being handled by SERA2 at http://apply.serashra.org or (916) 449-1266

Properties in ALAMEDA COUNTY are being handled by Alameda County Housing Secure at
http://ac-housingsecure.org/tenant or (888) 886-9660

Properties in the CITY OF OAKLAND are being handled by BACS at http://hpp.bayareacs.org

Properties in ALL OTHER CITIES/COUNTIES are being handled at http://www.housingiskey.com
or Call (833) 430-2122

Other Rent Relief Programs

• Catholic Charities (you do not need to be Catholic): www.cceb.org or 510-768-3100
• Shelter Inc: http://shelterinc.org/get-help/
• Hamilton Families: www.hamiltonfamilies.org/get-help
• ECHO Housing: 855-275-3246 or contact@echofairhousing.org
• East Bay Community Foundation: www.ebcf.org
• Rubicon Programs: http://rubiconprograms.org
• Caminar Solano (Solano County): www.caminar.org/solano
• Alameda County Social Services: 510-271-9100 or www.alamedacountysocialservices.org
• California Disaster Relief Assistance for Immigrants (DRAI): 415-324-1011
• Family Promise (Sacramento and Yuba County): 916-443-3107
• Additional LOCAL Resources at www.211.org