Marketing Rental Units

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The rental market quickly fluctuates. Inventory or demand can rise or drop quickly within days. This makes it tough for landlords to market their rental properties causing landlords to lose out on extra income.

Our Marketing

Our focus is to broadcast your property to as many tenants as possible. More exposure results in higher chances of multiple applications and quickly renting your vacant unit. Our robust digital marketing strategy includes featuring your property not only on rental sites but on Facebook, FB Marketplace, our Website, our Podcast, Email Newsletters, Showmojo and more. Our marketing strategies have a reach of over 100,000 people per month.

Over 50+ Rental Sites

Over 90% of tenants start their home search online and our goal is to capture the attention of those tenants first. Our extensive marketing procedures include exposing your vacancies to over 50 rental sites including Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads,, and more.

Professional Web Presence

Today, 75% of tenant conduct their search on a mobile device (phone or tablet). They demand and expect a professional web presence with an easy mobile-friendly website. We excel at meeting this demand and make an effort to connect with tenants through our websites and marketing.

Leasing Dashboard

Our team can quickly view information on available and soon-to-be available units and track the progress. All of the information is at our fingertips including guest cards and access to rental application submissions. This makes it easy for our team to track and improve on the effectiveness of our marketing efforts. We are able to track conversion rates from lead source to showings to applications to a signed lease.

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