Located in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, we offer property owners a single team to manage their investment properties at an affordable price and assist owners in market changes, new tax laws and asset planing strategies.

Our company was founded by three brokers with over 51 years of combined experience. We have assisted clients and guided them throughout the cycles of multiple real estate markets. This is possible thanks to not only our highly scrutinized market and asset analysis but also our collective understanding and insight into local, federal and global political and economic trends, and how they could directly or inversely affect our client’s real estate portfolio.

Using our proprietary analysis forms and most advanced management software, we tailor an advanced entry and exit strategy matched to your risk appetite and preferences. As with most clients, we demonstrate our own abilities in addition to the abilities of the best suited industry professionals to take advantage of not only the US tax code, including 1031 tax-deferred exchanges to upgrade into larger, and typically more stable assets, but also how to take advantage of our investment friendly immigration laws for out-of-country investors.

We have experience in managing a wide range of properties. From single family homes and large apartment complexes of 200+ units, to commercial office and retail space, to community associations and government subsidized housing, to storage facilities and more. We encourage you to learn more and download our company brochure below.